About Us


Kristin LaFine, Herbalist and Owner of Wild Roots Herbal Care

I began my herbal journey many years ago following a long illness. I had become frustrated with modern medicine and no answers, except to throw another prescription drug my way and eventually blame my symptoms on anxiety or an "all in your head" diagnosis. My frustration fueled a passion to find another way to heal myself. I began studying western herbalism, hopeful I could find a more balanced approach and to uncover the root cause of my illness. Through my learnings I found peace and balance in herbalism which eventually led to my healing, where modern medicine failed. 

I've studied western herbalism through the Herbal Academy and American Herbalist Guild completing hundreds of hours of formal education and training, thousands of hours working hands on creating herbal remedies and educating clients. Additionally I'm working to complete my Advanced Herbalism training and clinical studies. My goal is to become a Registered Herbalist/Clinical Herbalist through the AHG and I hope to share my knowledge and spread the power of herbal healing allowing individuals to take their health into their own hands, taking them back to their wild roots.