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Sample Gift Set - Most Popular

Sample Gift Set - Most Popular

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Introducing our new Tea and Latte Sampler Pack, featuring our most popular blends that are perfect for all tea enthusiasts. Now, you can have a taste of our finest teas and lattes in one convenient package.

Whether you're a tea lover or a latte aficionado, our sample pack has something for everyone. Each pack includes a variety of our best-selling teas and latte blends, carefully curated to showcase our diverse flavors and unique combinations.

Mushroom Cocoa mix - Dutch Cocoa powder, mushroom extract powder (Lions mane, turkeytail, chaga, reishi, shitake, cordyceps, and maitake. ashwagandha powder, marshmallow root powder, vanilla extract powder, and cinnamon powder. Instructions: Add 2 tsps to 8 oz of warm milk or coffee. Stir and enjoy. Sweeten as desired. (0.5oz) 4 servings

Herbal Coffee - Chicory root, dandelion root, burdock root, bacopa leaf, eleuthero root, cinnamon, and cocoa nibs. Instructions: Add 2 tsps to 10oz of water. Steep in french press, Keurig, or tea ball. Strain and serve. Great with cream and sweetner of choice. (0.9oz) 4 servings

Golden Milk Latte mix - Turmeric root powder, ginger root powder, coconut milk powder, ceylon cinnamon powder, vanilla extract powder, cardamom, fenugreek, nutmeg, and black pepper. Instructions: Add 1 tsp to 8oz of warm milk of choice or coffee. Stir and enjoy. Sweeten as desired (0.8oz) 7 servings

Chaga chai tea - Cinnamon, Tulsi, Chaga, ginger, carob, and rose. Instructions: steep 1-2 tsps in 8 oz of water for 3-5 minutes. (0.7oz) 4 servings.


Glass Jar

Care Instructions

Keep herbs out of sun. Store in pantry or kitchen cabinet.

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Our Salves are made with organic and sustainably harvested herbs. The herbs are infused in organic oils.


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